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Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality problems can have long term effects on your health. The air we breath in our homes and/or offices can cause health and wellness issues and can negatively effect our overall enjoyment of life. DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. provides a client based comprehensive approach to Indoor Air Quality matters. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a very broad topic and in-experience can result in a flawed survey resulting in wasted time and resources. DF Technical employs trained individuals with an understanding of the Indoor Environment, thus maximizing the inspection process targeting areas of concern and answering the questions for all interested parties.

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Services

Asbestos materials were widely used in homes, offices and buildings up to the early 1980’s. If you live or work in properties built prior to 1990 and are considering repair or renovations then Asbestos Testing is recommended. Asbestos testing is a procedure involving an onsite assessment, sampling and analysis of the materials collected. Some areas of testing in both homes and buildings are;

Heating duct-work & Furnaces – Duct wrapping materials may be largely made of Asbestos. As it starts to break down, Asbestos fibers are blown into the home or office and can be inhaled.

Plumbing – Pipes may be wrapped with Asbestos.

Electrical Wiring – Older wires may be covered with Asbestos which was used as an insulating material.

Attics & Cinder block Walls – Asbestos containing vermiculite was widely used as an insulation material.

Walls & Ceilings – May contain asbestos material in the drywall joint compounds or ceiling stipple.

Flooring – Vinyl floor tiles and sheet linoleum may contain asbestos. DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. will provide inspection and consulting services necessary to answer the questions about Asbestos within your facility or building.

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. offers the “Occupational Health and Safety – Asbestos Worker Certification Course”.

Moisture Monitoring Services

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. will evaluate the building for moisture sources including building envelop failures, leakage issues or occupant based moisture sources that may be the source or contributing to mould development within the building.

Moisture assessments may include;

Moisture Meters

Thermal Scanning

Hygrometer or related humidity monitoring

Mould Assessment Services

Mould Assessment Services

There has been an ongoing debate within the medical community for several years about the health risks associated with mould. The general conclusion is that mould doesn’t affect everyone the same way, and in some it tends to have no affect at all. The amount of time and levels of mould concentrations that we can endure within a home or office that has been contaminated with mould remains unknown. We know one thing for sure, mould growth indoors is not a healthy environment.

There are many types of indoor moulds such as Cladosporium, Penicillium, Aspergillus and Alternaria. Black or Toxic mould known as Stachybotrys can produce compounds that have toxic properties known as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins can appear in both living and dead mould spores. When the mould dies and dries, air movement can cause spores to become airborne. Stachybotrys can grow on wood, fiberboard, drywall, paper, dust and lint. Growth occurs when there is moisture present such as water damage, high humidity levels, condensation and flooding.

All types of mould can create health concerns and structure hazards throughout a home, office or building. Moisture sources including building envelop failures, leakage issues or occupant based moisture problems may contribute to mould development within a building.

Everyone is at risk. Those that are in a higher risk category are;

Immunocompromised People
Pregnant Women
People who suffer from respiratory problems
People with allergies or asthma

Mould symptoms include:

Runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes
Skin rash or itching
Flu-like symptoms
Asthma attacks
Memory problems
Constant headache
Possible fever

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. will assess, analyze and report on your home, office or building during our comprehensive assessments which include;

Visual inspections for sources of mould
Analytical sampling for source and health impact potential from spore exposure
Moisture Analysis
Thermal Scanning

Radon Services

Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed naturally by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water.  It cannot be detected by senses as it is colourless and odourless; however it can be detected with scientific instruments.  Radon usually escapes from the ground into outdoor air where it mixes with fresh air resulting in concentrations too low to be of a concern.  When radon enters an enclosed space such as a building, it can accumulate to very high concentrations.  The only known health risk associated with exposure to radon is an increased risk of developing lung cancer.  DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. now provides radon sampling for your home and/or office.

Supplied Breathing Air Certification

Supplied breathing air systems are a necessary requirement for most automotive collision centres, sandblasting and coatings applicators.  Supplied breathing air systems are described as an atmospheric-supplying device which provides the wearer with respirable air from a source outside the contaminated area; only those with manual or motor-operated blowers are approved for immediately harmful or oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

All supplied breathing air samples are submitted to a local, “Standards Council of Canada” Accredited Laboratory for analysis.  Breathing Air Analysis results are then provided by DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. in a concise report that indicates the sample’s conformance or non-conformance to the requirements of the standard.

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. has over 14 years experience in providing onsite compressed breathing air sampling assessments in Alberta.  We provide our clients with professionally trained & certified air quality consultants to perform independent sampling for industrial and commercial users of supplied breathing air systems.  All of which, is with the intent to ensure purity and safety for the painting, coating applicator and sandblasting worker found in your workplaces.

As it is required by the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Act, Regulation and Code (2009) Part 18; Personal Protective Equipment, Section 249; Quality of Breathing Air, the analysis of Compressed Breathing Air is to meet the requirements of Table 1 of the CSA Standard CAN3-Z180.1-13.  It is also noted in Section 15.2.2 of CAN3-Z180.1-13, which a sample of compressed breathing air produced and delivered by a compressed breathing air system shall be collected and analysed at least once every 6 months.

Industrial Hygiene / Occupational Monitoring Services

The science behind Industrial or Occupational Monitoring involves the understanding of the contaminants that have the potential to harm the human body and that are generated in the workplace as part of an overall process.

These processes may include;
Process related-Welding, gouging, grinding/cutting, painting, sand or abrasive blasting, electroplating, noise exposure, compressed breathing air, confined space monitoring.
Function related–exposure to exhaust gases introduced into the workplace from exhaust systems, folk lift activity and other vehicle activity.

Not only are our consultants able to answer the direct questions pertaining to exposure but also indirect considerations or secondary sources created during the processes. By understanding the process and spin-off effects, sampling strategies can be developed more cost effectively and directed to answer the necessary questions.

DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. will also evaluate the facility, the collected data and all pertinent information to aid in solutions to problems where they may exist.

Building Envelop Sciences Services

Originally, building envelop studies were thought to pertain to energy management and the overall reduction of energy cost. In simple form the building envelop involves the exterior of the building including the overall structural materials as well as the cosmetic details and finishes.

Building Envelop studies have evolved of the past numbers of years around the concerns of water leakage into buildings causing significant damage to the overall structure and extensive repair costs.

Moisture Monitoring, Thermal Image Scanning, Pressure decay testing along with physical inspection of a building are some inspection methods utilized in Building Envelop Studies. These inspections can aid building owners, property managers, risk management individuals along with other interested parties in understating potential factors that may negatively impact the integrity of the building envelop.

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