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Depositphotos_31844663_s-2015In our last blog, we revisited the concept of cigarette smoking and its incredibly harmful effects on air quality. We listed a few ways that can help for smokers to quit the habit. Not only is it important to quit smoking in an effort to protect one’s own health, but it makes for a much safer environment for all of those around the smoker. Secondhand smoke, as you’re likely aware, is deadly. This is why so many public places ban smoking.

But is there a place that hasn’t seem to jump on the “no smoking” train yet? Sadly, there sure is. And it’s a place that many people may enjoy visiting this summer. Do you enjoy going to casinos? If so, you are most likely putting yourself in a position to experience the worst type of indoor air quality possible. Many casinos claim to have excellent filtration and ventilation systems. But are they enough?

Are casino ventilation systems doing the job? Not according to a 2006 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report. No-Smoke.org reveals that the report “concluded that 100% smokefree workplace policies are the only effective way to eliminate secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace. Even sophisticated ventilation systems do not eliminate the health hazards of secondhand smoke.” The site goes on to note that casino workers are at great risk of damaging their health as a result.

What are the risks to casino workers? According to a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report, “casino workers are exposed to hazardous levels of toxic secondhand smoke at work, including tobacco-specific carcinogens that increased in the body as the shift went on.” In addition, “Casino workers are at greater risk for lung and heart disease because of secondhand smoke exposure.” Who knew it was such a dangerous job to run a game of blackjack?

If you’re not a casino worker, you may think that you don’t have much to worry about. After all, visitors of casinos don’t generally spend all day within their confines. Or do they? Casinos are pretty exhilarating places. They are loud, colourful and vibrant locations that encourage drinking and gambling. In many cases, this can make for a fun time – depending on your luck, of course. However, there are health implications to every visit.

What are the health implications of a casino visit? According to the NIOSH, “the average level of cotinine (metabolized nicotine) among nonsmokers increased by 456% and the average levels of the carcinogen NNAL increased by 112% after four hours of exposure to secondhand smoke in a smoke-filled casino with a ‘sophisticated’ ventilation system.” As if that didn’t sound scary enough, the report connotes that casinos can be argued as the most dangerous places to breathe!

“Smoke-filled casinos have up to 50 times more cancer-causing particles in the air than highways and city streets clogged with diesel trucks in rush hour traffic,” finds the NIOSH, “After going smokefree, indoor air pollution virtually disappears in the same environments.” Perhaps, it really doesn’t pay to visit a casino after all – no matter how much money you may win. The point, of course, is that cigarette smoking is horrible for indoor air quality.

This is why it’s so important to investigate your home for pollutants if cigarette smoking has even been done within its walls. At DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd., we offer Air Quality Services that work to ensure that the air you breathe in your home contributes to your overall health. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-668-3131 or email info@dftechnical.ca.

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  1. July 19, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    The harmful effects of smoking is clearly stated here. The casino ventilation cannot eliminate the harmful effects of second hand smoke in the air. The casino workers and vistors are of great risk and the implications of getting a heart and lung disease is very high.

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