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Introducing The Super Heroes In The Fight Against Air Quality Villains

Welcome to the official DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. Blog! You see, we’re pretty excited about what we do. And we’ve been doing it expertly since 1998. But in today’s internet-savvy, social media-crazed world, it’s important to find new and inventive ways to discuss what we do online. And that brings us to a very important topic. What exactly does DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. do? We make your place of residence or business a safer place!

To be specific, we specialize in asbestos monitoring, mould investigations, indoor quality testing and work place exposure sampling – just to name a few of the services that we provide. Founded by our President, Dennis French nearly two decades ago, DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. is a 100% Canadian based company with offices in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Grande Prairie and Vancouver.

Since the inception of our company, what we offer has grown into one of Canada’s most essential services. And we’re happy to report that our staff is comprised of the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in our industry. When you get to know Dennis French, however, this fact doesn’t come as surprise. Founding the company on his own by doing general indoor air quality and mould inspections, Dennis has always had a knack for being the best.

In June 2013, this was proven when he won Business In Calgary’s prestigious “Leaders of Tomorrow” award and was granted a cover story in their magazine. “Our inspection and management staff are highly trained and constantly updated on the latest issues and solutions,” he told the publication, “Unlike some other companies, they are superbly qualified and able to make timely decision in the field to the project and cost-effective benefit of the client.”

When it comes to indoor air quality, you want nothing less than top-of-the-line expertise handling your issue. This is the primary focus of DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd., as outlined by Dennis in a video highlighting his “Leaders of Tomorrow” status. He lists the chief targets of his company: mould, asbestos, lead and other hazardous material. If any of these “villains” are impacting the air quality of your home or workplace, Dennis supplies the “super heroes”!

In the video, he also explains some of the more unique experiences had by the DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. staff. “We’ve been involved in some of the cat houses where you walk in and there’s two and three feet of cat feces throughout the house,” he recalls, “Hoarders, where you cannot see one square inch of floor or counter tops or beds or anything. We try not to dwell too much on those aspects, but from the aspect of trying to make a difference in people’s lives.”

The bottom line? No job is too big for Dennis’ team. And no situation is too dire for Dennis’ team not to offer their help. Helping for your home or work environment to be a safer place is the primary goal for DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. We invite you to pay regular visits to our blog as we seek to regularly provide as much useful information as we can about the various elements in your home or work place that could present dangers.

Naturally, we will also seek to inform you of the various solutions that our company provides. Our blog, of course, is just our latest method of keeping our clients in the loop about all that is going on with our business and the industry it belongs to. But we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have by dialing 1-855-668-3131 or emailing info@dftechnical.ca. And while you’re at, please check us out on Facebook and like our page!

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