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Lighted beeswax candles on wooden tableAll week long, we have been concerned about the air quality, here in Calgary, Alberta where DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. is headquartered. As we alerted you in our last blog, wildfires in the state of Washington and the province of British Columbia have sent smoke the way of our province, causing catastrophic damage to the quality of the air that we are all breathing.

As a result, Environment Canada has issued some protective guidelines to Albertans that include recommendations to stay inside. Obviously, the cleaner the air we are all breathing, the better it is for our health. The current situation in Alberta sheds light on the mission statement that is practiced year-round by DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. We are committed to fostering clean breathing air in your home as it is imperative to achieving optimum health.

On BobVila.com, Michael Franco echoes these sentiments. “Deep breathing has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even improve digestion,” he writes, “But if the air you’re breathing in isn’t as clean as it should be, taking those breaths might actually be causing more harm than good.” Franco goes on to note that the best way to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to clean it naturally.

“You can improve the air quality in your home most simply by cleaning with natural, odour-free products,” he advises us, “having people remove their shoes before entering to avoid dragging in dust and dirt; and opening windows when the weather permits to keep fresh air circulating throughout the home.” In other words, the fewer chemicals you use to clean your home, the safer you’ll be. As well, limiting the amount of outdoor pollutants that enter your home is wise.

Given the present situation in Calgary, however, minimizing pollutants from outside is a tough task right now. Nevertheless, Franco reminds us to always “go green” when possible. You don’t need an air quality warning to know that the air in your home should always be treated with respect. He recommends that you not just switch to natural, scent-free cleaning products, but that you fill your home with plants.

“Plants can be a great way to not only freshen the air, but also warm and personalize your home,” says Franco, “Studies by NASA have shown that certain houseplants are good at eliminating harmful substances in the air. Aloe vera, for example, is effective at clearing formaldehyde, which can be found in some plywoods, carpeting, and furniture as well as in certain cleaning products.”

Katie of WellnessMama.com adds that some of our common indoor practices should also be curbed. You may think that there is nothing wrong with lighting candles to either create relaxing atmospheres or improve a room’s smell. But depending on the candle you use, you could be causing more harm than good. “Regular paraffin candles are petroleum derived and can release chemicals like benzene, toluene, soot and other chemicals into the air,” reveals Katie.

She highly advocates the use of pure beeswax candles which emit almost no smoke or scent and actually clean the air. “Beeswax candles are often especially helpful for those with asthma or allergies and they are effective at removing common allergens like dust and dander from the air,” Katie reveals, “Beeswax candles also burn more slowly than paraffin candles so they last much longer.”

If you have any questions about how you can improve your home’s indoor air quality, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-668-3131 or email info@dftechnical.ca. Ask us about our Air Quality Services!

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