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A Nationwide Ban Of Asbestos Is Imminent, Says Minister Of Health

asbestos medical warning sign illustration design over a white backgroundReaders of the DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. Blog are well aware that we’ve been covering the topic of banning asbestos in Canada for quite a while now. Going as far back as May, we have been monitoring the status of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to eradicate the harmful material from our country. It’s a secret to no one that asbestos fibres are the cause of mesothelioma, lung cancer and other fatal respiratory diseases.

Meanwhile, in spite of ending its production in Canada, we continue to import products that contain asbestos. We join countless other Canadians in looking forward to the official banning of asbestos in our country once and for all. To date, there is still no word from the federal government about an exact date when this proposed ban is to take full effect. And to be perfectly honest, we can’t imagine what the holdup is.

However, earlier this week, Kathleen Ruff reported on RightOnCanada.ca, that Canadians can expect a comprehensive ban on asbestos very shortly. And to continue to be perfectly honest, “very shortly” are our words. Ruff reveals that Jane Philpott, who is Canada’s Minister of Health, has announced that an official ban of asbestos in Canada is imminent. This was confirmed in a message sent to RightOnCanada.

“I don’t have the precise date for a full announcement, but I can say that health and safety of Canadians is a priority for this Government and that we are committed to moving forward with a ban on asbestos in Canada and will announce an updated government strategy in the coming months,” Philpott wrote in her message. Kent Hehr, a Member of Parliament and Minister for Veterans Affairs, has confirmed this declaration.

In a letter to a worker who was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, Hehr writes that “the Government of Canada has committed to moving forward on a ban on asbestos. Our government is currently reviewing its strategy on asbestos, including actions that can be taken using a government-wide approach.” This approach, notes Ruff, involves Health Canada officials consulting with officials in other governments that have already banned asbestos.

The objective, it would appear, is to gain a greater understanding of the measures that have been taken to protect different populations from the asbestos that has already been placed in their buildings and infrastructure. The idea, we suppose, isn’t simply to eliminate asbestos from being imported into Canada, but also to learn of how to protect Canadians from any further harm that may be caused by the asbestos that is already here.

“Issues concerning health, occupational safety, workers compensation, building standards, waste disposal, etc. come under provincial jurisdiction in Canada,” Ruff informs, “It is thus extremely important that, in addition to banning asbestos, the federal government show leadership to initiate, along with the provincial governments, national standards and a national program to protect Canadians from asbestos harm.”

As you’re likely aware, DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. fully supports a nationwide ban of asbestos. We are very much aware of its harmful effects. It’s the reason we offer Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) Services which include a number of asbestos testing procedures such as an onsite assessment and sampling and analysis of materials collected from various parts of your home or office.

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